In this post, we detail the steps involved in executing the rebalance. To read why you should rebalance, refer to our detailed post answering some of the important questions on rebalancing.

Step 1 - Rebalance Notification

When we push a rebalance on the Teji Mandi Portfolio - you, as a Teji Mandi Subscriber, will be notified by Whatsapp, Email and Push Notification. Tap the link in the notification on your mobile phone to execute the rebalance.

Step 2 - Execute Rebalance

You can also open the app and tap the "Rebalance Now" button to start the rebalance process.

Step 3 - Review Orders

Click on Confirm Update.

A review page will open for you.

Review the orders in the update

Please note the stocks mentioned are for representation purposes only.

Tap the 'Rebalance Smallcase' button

Step 3 - Add Funds (If no funds in the account)

It is possible that there are some additional funds required to fulfill the order. Tap the Add Funds button to do this

Step 4 - Enter TPIN (One time in 60 days)

You might be shown a link to visit the CDSL website if this is the first time you are selling a stock. Tap the link. Look for the TPin sent to you on your email or by SMS. Enter the TPIN on the cdsl Website

Step 5 - Wait for order success

Done!! You are all set

If your order has failed

There might be occasions where the stock transaction might fail. Make sure you do not sell stocks directly from your broker if you are invested through us. If the transaction fails for any other reason, please contact us. We will assist you with the rebalance.

Reach out to us via chat or email us at [email protected] with your queries.